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Train Station, Transit Station, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Shamsher Nagar Road, Kamalganj, Bangladesh
Coordinate: 24.3829197, 91.9002313
Rating: 3.80
Phone: +880 1767-661707
Shamsher Nagar Railway Station Shamsher Nagar Railway Station
Raiyan Zaman Khan (15/06/2018 05:54)
Really a great place.

Suhel Ahamed (13/03/2018 16:28)
This is one of the most accessible railway stations of Kamalganj upazila and it is easy to travel locals to Sylhet or Chittagong bound trains. Along with local transport facilities, the railway station has been ensuring safe rail travel in Kamalganj for tourists

WE ALL (18/11/2017 13:24)
Important place for villagers.👪

md sakir ahmed sn (22/10/2017 18:13)
It's not a safe place

2.1 M views (23/09/2017 14:27)
The train facility is very good to go anywhere in the country.
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