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Train Station, Transit Station, Point Of Interest, Establishment
R 240, Shaistaganj, Bangladesh
Coordinate: 24.2780497, 91.4499635
Rating: 4.10
Phone: -
Shaistaganj Railway Station Shaistaganj Railway Station
Engr Rabiul (17/03/2018 02:57)
Nice station & place.

nahin ahmed (22/01/2018 17:32)
Shaistagonj Railway station is important for passengers like me. So I must say this station is small.

Mashiur Rahman (14/01/2018 23:24)
Main rail station of Habiganj District.Popular and crowded.

A.J. Riyad (29/12/2017 15:43)
Crowded and also a busy place.It is a one of the old station in Dhaka-Sylhet railway.

MR Production (10/12/2017 13:06)
Always busy and crowd station, all intercity train stop here. A nice place and very good view from the station
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