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Point Of Interest, Establishment
Kanchijhuli Rd, Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Coordinate: 24.7630052, 90.3987198
Rating: 4.30
Phone: -
Sampan Sam (20/03/2018 10:45)
This is a place where The central Shahid Minar is situated. Most of the cultural programs and different types of fairs are arranged here. A great place.

Mahamud Hasan (12/03/2018 22:04)
The official name of this place is Sayed Nazrul Islam Square but locally it's known as Town Hall Mor

Sayed Abu (05/03/2018 20:54)
is a place of mymensingh town..a transport staton also where peopl can move beside district of mymensigh division

Razibul Islam (16/02/2018 22:07)
important point of mymensingh city

Mazharul Islam (16/02/2018 19:22)
Nice place.
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