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Hindu Temple, Place Of Worship, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Lohagara Upazila, Bangladesh
Coordinate: 23.087218, 89.6798944
Rating: 4.30
Phone: +880 1716-152478
Snehashish Roy Chowdhury (17/10/2016 12:35)
There are two Goudiya Math in Bangladesh. First one is in Narinda, Dhaka and the second one is this, Bordia Goudiya Math. Its a famous place for the Hindus. It's one of the beautiful place in this region.

Sajib Ghosh (11/07/2015 17:12)
Bordia goudiya swaraswatta math,it is so popular and famous to all hindus also to the other religion.Every year at here celebrated the festival of appearance day of sri chaytanno mahapravu it is the main festival at here.

Shuvo Bd (14/09/2013 18:28)
its a nice place. everybody is invited to visit here.

Mostofa Kamal (28/08/2013 10:07)
Bordia Gauri Mutt is one of the ancient Mutts in Bangladesh. Bordia was a well known river port and people from Narail, Gopalgong used to come here for their daily work and bazar. It was connector between Khulna and Faridpur. It has some of renowned schools and colleges where people from all the edges come to study. The relation between Hindu and Muslim are rich in this area. People share their values and respect each other.

Arindam (05/08/2013 22:12)
Bordia Gaurio Mutt is one of the beautiful Mutt in Bangladesh. It's great place for Hindus. It's a very nice mutt. I love the place so much.
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