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Polo Ground

Chittagong, Bangladesh
Place Type:
Point Of Interest, Establishment
15 No. Bagmoniram Ward, Chittagong, Bangladesh
Coordinate: 22.3383108, 91.8190885
Rating: 4.10
Phone: -
Shopno Prothik (27/04/2017 14:27)
Biggest open play ground and fair and festivals place

Nabila Awal (18/12/2016 18:47)
Box full of happiness πŸ»πŸΌπŸ‡

towhid shuvo (05/04/2017 18:20)
Chittagong International trade fair

Mohiuddin Al Helal (21/11/2016 17:47)
conducted by Railway.......authority

Shakil Hosan (14/01/2017 19:33)

sanchit bhowmik (24/09/2017 16:35)
I seem this is the mini beautiful hil.

biplob murad (24/10/2017 23:12)
its a trade fair place

Emum Hossain (04/09/2017 17:50)
Nice place

Mohammad Redwan (27/02/2018 13:57)
Polo Ground is situated in Chittagong Division of Bangladesh. it is a very popular ground in Chittagong. Every year The Chittagong International Trade Fair occured in this field. This field has some history and one of the most important information is, British people used to play polo in this ground. Now a days it is very important for showcasing big events.

SM Mehdi Akram (09/02/2018 21:41)
POLO Ground is a play ground of Bangladesh Railway. Every year the annual sports of Bangladesh railway people held on here in January or February. Rest of the month it is use for different political, social, cultural program. It's only the biggest and spacious ground in Chittagong city.

Mahadi Hasan Danny (12/03/2018 00:49)
it's a school field. every year Chittagong International Trade Fair organize there. it's a big field but not so vast area.

Ranabir Bhowmik (18/12/2017 14:00)
this is a good place for spending good time with friends & family's

kazi ayaz (01/03/2018 13:22)
A huge field where different programs are organised

Md Zinan (26/04/2018 23:56)
This is a big playground in Chittagong city, it's especially famous for school or college boys. there are some school and college around the filed. It's also famous for any Bengali traditional fair. most of the fair held here.

Thatz Sayem Chowdhury (24/04/2018 21:15)
Good Place For playing Cricket. & On the occasion of International Fair it is really Exiting place for Visit.

ASBAT UL HOQUE (09/05/2018 20:10)
Lovely crowded place for place for rest discussions exercise and playing . Love it
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