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Hindu Temple, Place Of Worship, Point Of Interest, Establishment
Chandranth Hill, Sitakunda, Chittagong, Sitakund, Bangladesh
Coordinate: 22.6336964, 91.6840359
Rating: 4.50
Phone: +880 1929-649965
Mojammel Rakib (20/05/2018 18:17)
Chandranath Temple is 2 miles away from Sitakunda Bazar near Dhaka-Chittagong Highway. This temple's height is 1152 feet. Travelling to Chandranath Temple is so much thrilling. If you want to go there, you should choose the left road of hill which is start after the waterfall. It is so much easy. But you need to choose the right stair path at the time on returning.

Wakin Ahmed (12/05/2018 18:05)
It's a beauty of nature. Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

mahade rony (30/04/2018 19:36)
The stunning thing about this temple is the altitude of this and the followers who climb this height to say a prayer or make a wish !! You'll enjoy the climb if you pick the hardest path in a rainy day. At the peak there's not enough decorations for taking photographs. Which might be added. Nevertheless is will be worth the climb

Mahatab Oni (30/04/2018 18:19)
Its a beautiful place. This place not only a place of great pilgrimage to Hindus but also very good place for traveling. Its a very good tracking destination

soyab mahmud (26/04/2018 22:47)
Amazing place. You need to have patience and stamina to reach top of a hill and visit this temple. There are many temples on this hill. You should bring a stick and water with you. It will help you to reach at the top.And please , Do not throw garbage and plastic wastage around.
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