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Train Station, Transit Station, Point Of Interest, Establishment
wpobon Railway Station Rd 3210, Sreemangal, Bangladesh
Coordinate: 24.3065629, 91.7347737
Rating: 4.00
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Sayom Shakib (22/05/2017 17:28)
It's a very important railway station. But unfortunately the infrastructure is not that developed.

Bayzid Alam (04/03/2017 00:58)
sreemangal is famous for tea garden in Bangladesh. the easiest the easiest way to visit there by train, and that's way sreemangal rail station is on of the busiest place of sreemangal.

Mahmudur Rahman Polash (30/12/2016 01:18)
One of the best local rail station of Bangladesh. But here all intercity train stoppage

Raz Monir (12/12/2016 11:43)
If go dhaka or sylhet then this is the right railway station...sreemangal is popular for pinapple,lemon or tea...

Minhaz Aman (28/02/2017 16:03)
Sreemangal railway sstation have nice view :)

Jahan Iftekhar (15/10/2017 19:21)
Sreemangal is famous for tea garden. Dhaka to Sylhet Any intercity train stop sreemangal railway station. Station road is famous for tea leaf.

Raz Monir (04/09/2017 04:32)
If you go dhaka or sylhet then this is the right railway station...sreemangal is popular for pinapple,lemon or tea...

Joy Keoat (04/09/2017 12:43)
Crowded and Peaceful place

Momenul Islam (26/12/2017 00:08)
Sreemangal Railway Station is a big and modern railway station ar sreemongol, Sylhet. It's situated beside the main road of Sreemongol. From this station you can go Sylhet or Dhaka. Nearby this restaurant there is many hotels and resort here. From this location visitors can visit every beauty of Sreemongol. Visitors should visit the station.

MR Production (11/12/2017 12:00)
One of the old and beautiful station in sylhet, very beautiful green tea garden near station

Sumaia Alavi (24/11/2017 11:58)
Its not bad! Less crowdy.

Nabeeha Zoya Rahma Megh (25/03/2018 19:11)
Train is a good way of travel. Hassle free. But this station is not maintained properly. Very crowded, dirty, old and badly in need of renovation. But Parabat express offers good quality seats and it's it's very neat and clean. Starts right on time and staffs are helpful. Overall it's a good experience traveling by train. Recommend for everybody.

Zulker Naeen (05/03/2018 11:47)
This place not so much crowded like the other stations. But it got crowded when the train reached at the terminals. But, this train station is very important specially for Moulovibazar.

Ahmed Rakib (01/02/2018 11:49)
Sreemangal Railway station is an enormous railway station situated in Maulavi Bazar District. Train from different routes are reached there and make there way to the final destination. Basically the direct express from Dhaka and Chittagong are make there way to Sylhet by this way and vice versa. The area besides the railway station is quite fascinating and Lawachora National Park is around 5 km from there. A busy area.

nahin ahmed (22/01/2018 18:18)
Sreemangle Railway Station's view of the train.
The distance between komplapur railway station is 183 km (5 hours journey)
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